Hello Friends!

Director of the Naught List 2016

Director of the Naughty List 2016

I am Gandersnitch the Goblin, the newly appointed Director of the Naughty List.

Santa Claus and I go WAY back, though we have always had a rather tenuous sort of relationship. This year he declared that I had been “moved to the very top of the naughty list!” Wow, what a promotion! Top of the Naughty List! This is a position I will take most seriously, and I am honored that he has given me this opportunity.

My primary mission as Director is to make Santa’s life easier. And what could be easier than having fewer kids to deliver toys to on Christmas Eve? Seriously, this guy is really over worked! So the more kids that get on the list, the less work he has to do, and the better I end up looking in the eyes of North Pole, Inc. Which is where you come in…


It is quite easy to sign yourself (or a loved one) up for the Naughty List!naughtymail

Simply fill out the form below and pay a small processing charge of $4.95. We will ship out a welcome letter right to your front door. This is a perfect gift for misbehaving children, questionable friends, unwanted relatives, or even your significant other.

Everybody loves getting mail! And we strive to make this parcel extra special, lots of fun, and absolutely memorable for years to come.

Each 2016 membership included:

    • A “Welcome to the Naughty List” letter hand signed by Gandersnitch!
      (includes instructions on how to get off the naughty list, but why would anyone want to leave?)
    • A copy of the “Elficial Notice” that details the recipient’s wicked behavior!
    • An exclusive “Naughty Kids” cookie recipe!
    • An envelope mailed via USPS with a North Pole return address!


The Naughty List is now closed for 2016! But don’t despair! Look for a brand new, year round, goblin postal service coming soon from Gandersnitch the Goblin and!